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A Tour Of Film Labs In Hanoi

As the digital age advances, photographic labs gradually stop processing films to instead focus on digital printing and retouching services. However, within the last few years, analog shooters witness a sudden surge of interest as if it proves Hanoians’ tendency to look back at the past. The market is revived together with film developing labs which don’t exist simply for profit but also serve as a gathering place for people who share passion for this medium. Let’s explore 5 trusted film developing labs in Hanoi with Matca.

1. Crop Lab Hà Nội.
No 108 D3, alley no.215, To Hieu street, Dich Vong ward, Cau Giay district.
No.6, lane no.3, alley no. 76, Nguyen Chi Thanh street, Dong Da district.
Opening hours: 8:30 to 20:00 / Phone number: 0974019984 (Ms. Nga)

First impression:
Croplab Hanoi is a branch of Croplab Saigon, initially opened just to supply film rolls for Hanoi analog shooters, then eventually provides developing and scanning services. The lab at Nguyen Chi Thanh street seems to be the owner’s house located inside a small lane with little parking space. Customers mainly come to Croplab just to buy film rolls and get them developed.

Developing and scanning service:
-35mm film: 30k/ roll of color negative film (20k for just developing / scanning), 60k/ roll of black and white (BnW) negative film.
-120 film: 40k/ roll of color negative film (25k for just developing, 20k for just scanning ), 60k/ roll of BnW negative film.

Waiting time:
Approximately color negative films will be ready after 2-3 hours, but if you send the roll later than 6 PM it’ll be ready the next day. BnW films take 3 days to be developed.

How long your film rolls and online files will be kept:
Croplab stores your film rolls within 3 months. Your online files will be kept for good on Google Drive.

Other services:
-Film sales: The list of their films can be viewed here. Besides popular products, Croplab also imports outdated films with price as low as 45k/ roll. They also sell homemade BnW film rolls with price starting from 95k.

2. Lab 36+
No. 1B Le Phung Hieu street, Hoan Kiem district. Opening hours: 8:00 to 22:30 / Phone number: 0902196120.
You can also drop your rolls at 792 Lang street, Dong Da district and they’ll be sent to the lab for developing. Opening hours: 9:00 đến 21:30 / Phone number: 0988845455.

First impression:
Lab 36+ recently relocated to this quaint and quiet housing complex from the French colonial era at Le Phung Hieu street. It has a nostalgic atmosphere similar to the look of analog film and is an ideal place to waste your final frames, according to the owner Ma Pho. You can park your bike comfortably in the front yard, which is rare for a place in the city center. Lab 36+ is a familiar name among analog shooters, which moved here from the book street Dinh Le as parking becomes more problematic on weekends. The name “36+” simply means we can shoot more than 36 frames if we load the roll with care. Lab 36+ employs a model of film sales, film processing together with a coffee shop, it is as much a gathering place as it is a film lab.

Developing and scanning service::
-35mm film: 30k/ roll of color negative film, 55k/ roll of BnW negative film.
-120 film: 40k/ roll of color negative film, 65k/ roll of BnW negative film.

Waiting time:
Color rolls are processed within the day, often after 1-2 hours. BnW rolls are ready after 1-2 days.

How long your film rolls and online files will be kept::
Your film rolls are kept at lab 36+ for a month, after that they will be sent to a storage. Digital files on Google Drive are kept for 3 months and for good on their hard drives.

Other services:
– Film sales: the list of available films can be found here.
-The coffee shop is quite popular, as customers want to have a place to sit down and collect their developed film rolls after a drink. Lab 36+ also sell and fix film cameras. There’s a social atmosphere at lab 36+, both online and offline: they occasionally hold photography workshops on weekends, and are active on Facebook with daily photo sharing from customers and holding the #lab36 competition on Film Photo Club. The participant with the most liked photo of the week is awarded a roll of film.

3. X-lab (Xi xom xi bet)
Room 201, no. 15, Dao Duy Tu alley, Hoan Kiem district. Open hours: from 10:00 to 20:00 except the last Tuesday of the month. Phone number: 0902001166.

First impression:
X-lab, or Xi Xom Xi Bet, is one of the first film labs ever in Hanoi. Its previous spacious store at no. 10 Hang Be street used to be a popular gathering place for veteran film shooters because of its cheap price, central place and open atmosphere. It now moved to a small alley on Dao Duy Tu street, on the second floor of an old housing complex. There is a small art “collective” consisting X-lab, a CD shop named 4215 km and a vegan cafe / art gallery. At the moment, X-lab is no longer as active in the scene as it was before as there is competition from other labs and there is parking costs more in the Old Quarter. However, there is still a customer base loyal to the owner’s expertise.

Developing and scanning service:
-135mm film: 30k/ roll of color negative film, 40k/ roll of BnW negative film.
-120mm film: same price as above.

Waiting time:
Color rolls will be ready in the evening, BnW ones will take about a week.

How long your film rolls and scanned files are kept:
Your files on Dropbox will be kept for 4-5 days and film rolls are kept for a month.

Other services:
X-lab doesn’t sell films but has a small lovely space. Close by are a vegan cafe, a music CD shop and Vintage camera shop that sells analog cameras. Overall, it’s a quiet hideout from the hustle bustle of Hanoi.

UPDATED: X-lab has been relocated to 60 Thổ Quan, Khâm Thiên, Hà Nội, 100000 Hanoi, Vietnam – a much larger space with attractive deals.

4. Nadar Photo Club
113D, no. 2F, Quang Trung street, Hoan Kiem district. Opening hours: from 9:00 to 21:00. Phone number: 0982941254.

First impression:
Nadar Photo Club is located inside a housing complex, having ample parking space despite being in a city center. The first floor is a cafe where customers can send in their rolls for processing or buy films. Their curious name “Nadar” is inspired by a 19th century French photographer in the early age of photography. Nadar just opened last year but has formed quite an integrated photography club with film sales, film processing and printing service, a cafe and a studio for rent.

Developing and scanning service:
-135mm film: 30k/ roll of color negative, 80k/ roll of BnW negative.
-120mm film: 40k/roll of color negative, 100k/ roll of BnW negative.

Nadar lab provides all necessary equipment and encourages customers to scan their own BnW film. They also have a 30% discount for students on Tuesday and Friday.

Waiting time::
Color film rolls will be ready after 1-2 hours and BnW rolls within 24 hours.

How long your film rolls and online files will be kept:
They keep your files on Google Drive and film rolls for two weeks.

Other services:
-Film sales:
The list of available films can be found here.

Nadar lab has quite an attractive deal: by spending 75-80k, you will have a roll of 135mm Fuji C200/ Kodak 200/ Vista 200/ Vista 400 film together with developing and scanning. As Nadar is an official distributor, the price is competitive.
-Photo printing:
You can print your photos size from 9×12 to 100×150, ones smaller than 25×38 can be printed on the spot. Details on the price can be viewed here.
-Studio for rent: Upstairs, Nadar has a 7x4m2 studio equipped with a backdrop, light, softbox and reflector with the rate of 100k/ hour. To order, you can contact them at the phone number or Facebook page above.

5. AEG Lab
No 6, 254/151 alley, Minh Khai street, Hai Ba Trung district. Opening hours: from 16:00 to 22:00.
You can also drop your film at 3B Bao Khanh street, Hoan Kiem district. Opening hours: from 8:00 to 14:00.

First impression:
Located inside a small alley, AEG lab is quite hard to find and the road is crowded during rush hour. The space is humble, but their owner is lovely and approachable. Free green tea and homemade wine is also a bonus. AEG is a shorthand for Anh Em Group, meaning brothers, as the owner first opened it together with his two friends as a space for people who love the analog medium. AEG lab has been running for 5 years despite not being close to the city center and not providing any other service.

Developing and scanning service:
135mm film : 35k/roll of color negative, 50k/ roll of BnW.
120mm film: Same price as above.

Similar to X-lab, AEG doesn’t have any other service than processing films. However, their film developer is the diligent Hao who has years of experiences, ensuring that your negatives are treated with extreme care.


A Tour Of Film Labs In Hanoi

Explore what 5 trusted film developing labs in Hanoi have in store.

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