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[Open Call] The Reel Series – Indonesia & Vietnam Edition

The Reel Series is a synchronized showcase of photo projections held between two countries. Initiated by Frame Zero – Asia’s Online and Print media on Photography – and curated by Manila-born photographer Erin Nøir, the project aims to promote cultural exchange, social awareness, and visual literacy through compelling photo essays.

Each body of work carries a distinct point of view that underscores not just the perceptions of participating photographers, but also everyday life for a particular locale. Key features of cultures and nations are exhumed, whether directly or indirectly, with the manner in which each narrative is presented. Collectively, the slideshows act as heavily nuanced gateways to each participating nation.

Recap of Reel 1: Rough Cuts from the Philippines and Singapore
Held in August 2016, the first installment of The Reel Series featured 25 photo essays from the Philippines and Singapore, with the theme being “The City and Its Inhabitants.” The entries from the Philippines, as a whole, magnified the grit and urban decay found in Manila and other major cities while those from Singapore presented tales from various households and the dreariness in organization.

The event highlighted the stark differences between the two nations as well as the colorful lives of their inhabitants, as seen through the eyes of 25 photographers. Contrasting details reflect the character of each country, with Singapore’s systematic and diverse communities and the Philippines’ gritty and unpredictable reality.

Both venues were well-attended and the submissions were well-received, much to the delight of the photographers. They gamely answered questions from the attendees during the Q&A portion as well as mingled with the crowd. The unexpected success of Reel 1 paved the way for succeeding events, covering other Asian nations.

© Chino de Vera (Philippines), from 'Oasis'
© Sidney Snoeck (Philippines), from ‘Happy Land’
© Ian Guevara (Philippines), from ‘Metro New Wave’
© Robin Choo (Singapore), from ‘Time Slice City’
© Ronald Low (Singapore), from ‘Dogwood Blossom’
© Samantha Ann Francis (Singapore), from ‘My Hiding Place’

Introduction of Reel 2: Indonesia and Vietnam
The second installment of The Reel Series will be a joint effort by photographers Erin Nøir (PH, founder of Frame Zero), Aji Susanto Anom (ID, founder of Flock Project), and Linh Pham (VN, founder of Matca), who were batchmates at the Angkor Photo professional workshop in Siem Reap, Cambodia last 2015.

Unlike the first, Reel 2 will be featured in four venues, two each country, and will be divided into two categories: about the self / autobiographical and open theme. Photographers from both Indonesia and Vietnam, regardless of nationality, are welcome to send submissions.

Details of the event:
17 June 2017, Saturday
(exact time in the evening to be confirmed)

Indonesia – Jakarta & Solo
Vietnam – Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh
(exact venue names to be announced)

© Dat Vu (Vietnam), from ‘Dreams for Sale’
© Dinh Nguyen (Vietnam), from ‘Linh Ta Linh Tinh #1’
© Linh Pham (Vietnam), from ‘No Mud, No Lotus’
© Aji Susanto Anom (Indonesia), from ‘The Lonesome Stranger’
© Gregory Rusmana (Indonesia), from ‘After N’
© Ian Hananto (Indonesia), from ‘Futile’

Submission guidelines.
For Reel 2, we are considering new & old photo stories, digital & film photographs, and photography under all genres as long as your visual story fits either of our categories:
A. About the Self / Autobiographical
B. Open Theme

Send your submissions (using WeTransfer) to with “Reel 2 Submission: City, Country – Artist Name” as the subject with the outline below carefully filled and put in a .zip file.

– 20 photographs. Photos must be JPG and 2000px (300dpi) in the longest side.
– Project Title: (100 words)
– Artist Statement: (100 words)
– Website:
– Musical Accompaniment: (strictly instrumental)

Entries are accepted from 03 February until 15 April 2017 only.

Multiple submissions by the same photographer is allowed. You will be notified via email if any of your works is chosen. Submissions should carefully follow all of the guidelines above. Otherwise, your work may be returned or disqualified.

For inquiries, send an email to with “Inquiry – Reel 2” as the subject. Thank you for your cooperation.