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Gift Bundle No.1


An unique 8×10 Polaroid color print created with love, patience and technical know-how. Limited to 5 editions per year.

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Photos are for illustration purposes only. Actual products and customizations will be made following discussions with the benefactor.

Gift Bundle No.1 is a great way to further your personal collection by acquiring a unique piece of art. An 8×10 Polaroid color photo made by a photographer with skilled craftsmanship will make an excellent choice for a connoisseur of visual arts. We will commission a photographer to create this piece based on their portfolio and commitment to their practice. This bundle is a long-term investment in the present and future: you collect an artwork with great potential to grow in value, while supporting Matca to maintain our project and offering opportunities for emerging photographers.

Gift Bundle No.1 is limited to 5 editions per year and includes:
• A unique Polaroid 8×10 color photo, framed with a 30 x 40 cm wooden frame and white border, packaged with a signed certificate of authenticity.
• A 10 x 15 cm postcard with a photo from our personal collection and a handwritten thank-you note on the back, digitally printed on acid-free paper, packaged with white 20 x 30 cm border.
• Your name included in our board of honor on our website (optional).