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Interview: A Chat With Hai Thanh

“The tool we used is really not important as our work ethics. It’s essential to work professionally and wholeheartedly”, said photographer Hai Thanh after his “Diary” exhibition at Nest by AIA last March. It is not widely known that he has drawn his inspiration to pursue a personal photography project with a smart phone from veteran photojournalist Tran Viet Duc, whom Hai Thanh regard as a senior. As the exhibition nears its end, Hai Thanh sat down with Matca and mused about lessons and advice that he himself learnt from his own career.

Hai Thanh is a freelance photographer with years of experiences as a press photographer. He graduated from Vietnam University of Industrial Fine arts and participated in workshops by Indochina Media Memorial Foundation in 2007 and 2010. He is currently focusing on his personal projects and teaching photography.
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