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Muhammad Fadli: Rebel Riders (Signed)

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The local modifications of the iconic Italian Vespa motorcycle brought by Indonesian enthusiasts.

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Muhammad Fadli traveled through Indonesia to document the local modifications of the iconic Italian Vespa motorcycle, called “Vespa extreme” by their owners and “Vespa sampah” (“garbage Vespa”) by others. Fadli’s photographs depict incredible creations: while some of the vehicles he captured still bear some resemblance to the original bikes, others seem like post-apocalyptic visions, mobile homes with plastic bottle walls moving on more than twenty tires, the Vespa’s motor the only remaining part. Others feature organic materials like tree logs or animal skulls; some could feature in Miller’s “Mad Max” universe. But they all display a level of ingenuity, creativity and love for the Vespa from which they originate.

Format: Hardback
Publisher: dienacht
Publication year: 2018
Pages: 128
Size: 20 x 28 cm
Language: English